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Friday, 12 August 2016

Self Made.......A

 Judgement to this very title can be done once we are at our goal post, I mean when we are holding what we aspired for and what we dreamt about. Some times making thy self takes time and in this process our priorities and dreams may change but still we do have some or the other dream to get it full filled.

            So the key to noun "success", yes in this case it is noun, lies in aligning those organic priorities within the vicinity of our first dream. Yup, the first dream is the best dream. Even Laden might have dreamt of becoming a responsible person of course situations changed, so changed priorities with the situations, it is entirely a different point to study. But what ever the situation may be he might not have taken U turn in his priorities.

            so priorities that pave the way to success will change with time, what matters most is recuperating from those changes and laying a new way to the same goal post with new addons.....
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Sunday, 13 December 2015

U - Turns in development ........ !

         Situation is very worse in the city of Hyderabad. Literally People are Being deprived of basic clean drinking water. This shows where we are and what we have been doing till now. We started our journey of development in later half of 20th century, but we are not in a position to provide drinking water to people.

         Lemme go into the intricate details, this year El Nino effect is severe than last year's so on set of South West monsoon is late and it did not lived up to its productivity level so less down pour of rain especially in south India. As a result water bodies of Hyderabad Manjeera and Gandipet lake the only source of drinking water for  majority of Hyderabad people are suffering from peak stage scenario. These city authorities with good salaries and allowances who can afford better water recycling and purification technology at their home realised lately about the worsen condition of people in the city. The condition is like this a man took with him a 20 L bottle and reached a nearby private water purifying plant and here he witnessed the real situation of the problem where he stood for exactly 2 hours 48 minutes for 20 L of drinking water which was being sold at 4 rs/L. This waiting affected his daily duty and lost his half-day salary for being late. Many like him are facing this kind of unavoidable situation just because of lethargy of those administrative class at the top of city administration. 

           This is not because of the nature as IMD department warned in advance about this kind of situation in advance and also National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) USA has been giving warning to many nations. But authorities and technical team with engineers who consider themselves as highly qualified and experienced are unaware of this situation and they started healing the wound when it is bleeding in spite of giving an antibiotic for the same in advance. Their postmortem work is like sprinkling pepper on the same wound as they are drawing wheat juice(water) from Godavari river and supplying to people without even performing the basic purification process of sedimentation. In spite of reliving themselves from thirst they are endangered of being hospitalized.

          Rulers say Hyderabad is a city with 4 centuries of prosperous history and is still continuing its journey towards prosperity but now the same history just took a U-Turn and it is on the way towards the place where it had started. I do nothing except wishing a happy journey for its return journey. 
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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

transforming thy self

    This wonderful journey made me to correct my wrong interpretation if i put it in another way a conceived notion upon few successful achievers. Recently i had seen a making video of a song in a film, till then i am in wrong interpretation that those creators are luckiest guys in general and that choreographer in particular because he is a son of famous industry person. But my perception is completely wrong that man really worked hard not just creating dance bits but he prepared a blueprint of location and made a mind map for every 5 second bit and inserted particular costume for that particular movement, at few instances he redesigned the same. Come on what not he literally worked like a robot. 

    This experience made me to witness few similar acts by many such kind of guys and this search made me to view this kind of situations differently. I don't even hesitate to blame my self for my arrogant nature and preconceived notions on those true hard working guys. They do deserve much than what i am thinking of or even much more. 

    What i learned was is(not gonna leave that) should respect other who are literally working hard, not to dispose unnecessary arrogance without any first hand experience on the concerned. Lemme try to throw away this unwanted stuff "arrogance".
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Monday, 23 November 2015


    First full length upsc ics test simulation, mind blowing one which started with tension, fear, didn't had time to feel a feel in middle and ended with some callous, slight agitation after writing for 3 hours where nib swallowed the ink like juice through straw. But a different kind of experience i never have had in my academic carrier. Lemme name it NAAK.

    Not just this simulation but the journey is full of thrills, still I am at beginning I can feel few like sleepless nights when my little buddy(my brain) was hijacked by few trespassing thoughts like "what if i can't?". They won't last long as the medicine for the very thought is again this journey itself.
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Sunday, 27 September 2015

It's me N It's my style !

          With many expectations I left for Hyderabad from Delhi and got registered in an online platform for IAS preparation started by my ex-faculty but his initiative is totally bullshit...!

           His words were so sweet n very tempting "Blindly Follow Me And It Will Give You IAS". Like me many others got registered just because of the fear of missing dream job if we not take coaching. It is not just here but in entire country just for information a leading institute in Delhi making money of about 3,200 X 1,14,000 = Rs 36,48,00,000 just for General Studies course if we add optional and test series courses it will be around 40,00,00,000/-.

           Of course I do agree that they impart the knowledge, but my experience with the subject and the institutions make me to completely contradict with them.Here I pen few words said by my uncle an ex-aspirant "Spending Such Hard Earned Money For This Is Not Legible".But we cannot trade off the knowledge and our dream job for money, so this problem should be dealt by the government to restrict the institutions to follow floor and cap values on the fee collected. It may sound awkward and against the principle of ease of doing business(Capitalism) but first of all this is EDUCATION.

         The reason behind this vent are the instructions given by that faculty of online platform. He always says "just follow me, I'll cook every thing for you you just eat and enjoy and this alone will give you IAS". Totally bull shit, of course he may have 12 years experience but I can see those old out dated methods and books and documents cited by him. He went a step further blackmailing us through his word saying that those who joins him in early 5 am for the class will get IAS. I can't stop laughing when ever i used to listen this word, how come a guy like me will get up at 5 after studying till 2 in the late night! Also he is handling all the subjects except history. He is polity faculty and did justice for that but he is pathetic at economics. He named a topic Financial administration started repeating polity in half of the economy sessions.

        Through this what I want to say is Civil Services Examination is to recruit bureaucrats not an entrance examination for admission into humanities courses in a university. A bureaucrat is supposed to lead lakhs of people in his early career and he should be in a position to take decisions and implement them. In the same way a upsc aspirant should take his own decisions in his preparation. He can take advice but should not follow others blindly and eat the food cooked by others. He should cook his own meal. The way he teaches is so funny like aaaaaaaa,bbbbbbbb,ccccccc by a nursery child. Action should be taken by building a framework against these kind of platforms indulging students to pay huge money for worst quality teaching.

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Saturday, 22 August 2015


Of course it may sounds strange and it may contradict with the Oxford's meaning but actually this is what I mean. confidence, a catalyst for success will start taking its correct shape when one starts putting himself out of him. A blog to me is a mirror where i can look at myself and change myself when I demand me. I accept the change and every anthropologist will do the same like me. But I give a different pet name to my change "EVOLUTION". It may be subjective but it matters according to me.

Those few words may not correlate with each other but i want to make it clear that what makes me is me and not around me. It's just a beginning ......one thing that always keeps me going is "A journey of thousand kilometers should begin with a single step". My journey can neither be measured in kilometers nor in any other metrics but I know distance of my destination in my own metric....!
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